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On cables.


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Nice print article by Matt Monte, one of the talented writers of the nascent Snack Bar Collective. www.thesnackbarcollective.tumblr.com. Photos by David Wajsfelner (www.d2xu.com)


Jacob Epstein, Rock Drill, (Reconstruction by Ken Cook and Ann Christoper RA after the dismantled original),1913-15, Polyester resin, metal and wood 205 x 141.5 cm

From the Royal Academy of Art Magazine, the article “In Search of Wild Things”, written by Richard Cork:

"Epstein may first have decided to make this immensely daring tour de force while watching men and machines cutting stone in a quarry. He later recalled: ‘My ardour for machinery (short-lived) expended itself upon the purchase of an actual drill, second-hand, and upon this I made and mounted a machine-like robot, visored, menacing, and carrying within itself its progeny, protectively ensconced. Here is the armed, sinister figure of today and tomorrow.’"

Jaunt VR rig in my zone today. Can’t wait to put on the Rift to check out the footage!