Detail of Theia.

Photo by Jay Haze  

At work on a Saturday and pretty happy about that. Taking a break with the people who worked in this building in 1925. #nortonfactorystudios #oakland #typewriter

Tumblr tells me that I’ve been on here for 5 years today.

Anthony Discenza on my drawing table.

Theia’s neck.

…the street finds its own uses for things. -Gibson


Got my copy of Gareth Branwyn’s Borg Like Me. Looking forward to sitting down with it! #borglikeme #garethbranwyn #cyberculture

Old drawings ca. 1993.

On a ladder working on Theia. 

Photo- Doug Nichol

Gareth sent me a poster. #borglikeme #garethbranwyn

Theia in progress in my studio. Photo Doug Nichol, American Buffalo


Nude VI (Theia)

Typewriter parts

7’4” (224cm) tall


Jeremy Mayer

Courtesy of Gareth Branwyn.